We now offer 6 Templates to choose your personalized engraving from.

To your right you will  see the 6 templates available for our personalized products: Barrel Susans, 18″ & 1 2″ Pine Susans, Wine Barrels, Whiskey Barrels and Barrel Cabinets.

These six layouts are a guide for you to utilized when deciding how you’d like to have your order engraved. The fonts on the templates are NOT interchangeable. Sorry!  I would like for you to know exactly what you will receive and remove any unknowns from the ordering process. I am, however, TOTALLY willing  to leave off any portion of the template. For example, template 2, lists children/grandchildren names at the bottom. Maybe you’d prefer to leave those out…? or maybe  you’d like to put a year or date in place of those names…? NO PROBLEMO, friend. Just know that the FONT will stay the same. Maybe all  you’d like is the last name centered on the susan…? Great! Pick a template with the font you like and tell me to leave everything off except that last name in the middle.

If you last  name  is significantly longer than the one on the template, I will  make it fit  🙂  I will reduce the font size to get it all on there – If your last name  is shorter, NO worries,  I’ll make it  a bit bigger to make it  proportional to the susan.

If you have questions, shoot  me an email: sales@goodtimberfurnishings.com and we’ll figure everything out together.

These come out fabulously! You’ll LOVE them. Promise.