Q:  Where do your barrels come from??

A:  We purchase our retired barrels from wineries all over the country, California, in particular.

Q: Will my furniture smell like wine??

A:  Once the barrels are drained and delivered to our warehouse, they do, indeed, smell strongly of wine. However, upon receipt of our barrels, we allow them adequate time to dry out. As we construct your furniture the smell becomes faint and will fade further over time.

Q: Can my KBC products be stored outdoors??

A: If you are purchasing furniture for outdoor use, it is recommended that you select our Spar Urethane finish and store your furniture in a covered location protected from the elements.

Q:  What is the difference between Spar Urethane and wax?

A:  KBC offers two finishes to enhance the natural beauty and character of our products. Our Spar Urethane finish offers protection from the sunlight and moisture and leaves a glossy sheen. Our high quality furniture wax is applied by hand and leaves a dull, matte finish.

Q:  Will the bands ever fall off my barrel or item??

A:  No, at Katy Barrel Company we pride ourselves on our unmatched quality and craftsmanship. We have taken necessary steps to ensure that items with bands have been securely fastened and will not fall off.

Q: How do I care for my furniture or product?

A: We recommend the use of a damp cloth to wipe down your products as cleaning becomes necessary. Avoid full immersion in water. The use of wax or oil soap is suggested to restore shine to your products. Items that are food safe should be maintained with butcher block conditioner (available at your local home improvement store) and should not be in contact with raw meats.