Our 3 primary stain colors are: Midnight, Weathered, and Vintage

Okay, folks. This is important stuff. I understand.

Let’s talk colors. <deep breath>

Midnight – We call  it midnight, because, well, it’s pretty dark. This stain is ebony based and looks fantastic. This doesn’t mean its black, it means it has many dark tones. The Pine Susans come out the darkest, in my opinion, with this stain because pine is more porous and absorbs more stain. This color compliments lighter furniture very well and makes a terrific accent. This color is tremendously popular and has a tendency to hide or cover up a majority of wine staining. That can be good or bad depending  on your preferences 🙂 Also,  if you are considering a personalized barrel susan, this is the color I always use on the display. I lighten up the color of the personalized products in order to see the engraving better. I would never make something you couldn’t read.

Weathered – I feel this is our most popular color. It is a great  “middle ground” between the darker Midnight and our lighter Vintage. It shows engravings clearly, it accents many of the scrapes and weather marks on some of our pieces and really highlights movement in the wood grain. Great color, great safe choice, especially if your purchase is a gift. Again, this is just my opinion 🙂

Vintage – the lightest color we offer and really stands out in contrast for someone with established darker colors at home. This can look more yellow, or more of a traditional oak color, and when dealing  with wine barrels, really shows off the authentic red coloring. For example, our candle holders, which are crafted from red wine barrels staves, tend to have many areas that are red with wine stain. This light color allows these to remain visible and not be covered up by a darker finish.


In regards to  our coffee tables and end tables:

In addition to the above three colors, I also offer 2 other finishes for coffee tables and end tables.

Whitewash – This color is a very tasteful, classy whitewash – its not white paint by any means. It really lightens up the wood, leaving a very natural clean feel. A great choice and available on select products.

Natural – Yep, you got it, no stain at all. All of our coffee tables and end tables are currently crafted from cypress which has a AWESOME wood grain – sometimes, it’s just refreshing to leave it alone and appreciate all those saw marks and accents. Again, this is only available on select products.