From KBC to GoodTimber

I think we are all familiar with the old saying, “It’s not personal. It’s business.” I’m no genius, but I’d be shocked if not all business owners agree that that statement is totally laughable. Being a small business owner is VERY personal! It’s your passion. It’s hours and hours of time away from family trying to make your mark in the world. It’s all the sleep you’ve sacrificed in hopes that the extra work will all pay off. It’s your hope for a brighter future for your family and yourself. It’s your leap of faith! It is the representation of who you are and what you stand for. For many, Chris and I included, its every penny you’ve ever had, invested in hopes and dreams. It is blood, sweat, tears and more sweat on top of that. It is your business. And it HAS to be personal.

Katy Barrel Company, the small business Chris and I began late December 2012, has been an adventure indeed. We have loved seeing so many people fall in love with our pieces. Over the past 4 years, we have learned so much about who we are as a couple, as business partners, as a family, and most importantly, what we want to share with people everywhere. And we have since realized that KBC just is not the business that fully represents all that we have to share and all that we are; It just is not personal enough.

So, we decided to open another company… GoodTimber Furnishings.

We are over-the-moon excited.

First and foremost, yes, we will still make barrel products! BUT we will also craft so much more. Because, we are not JUST a barrel company and not just barrel people. The truth is, we do not even drink wine! We do, however, love and appreciate hard work and fine craftsmanship. We believe in taking something as simple and as old as a used barrel and transforming it into something refined and beautiful. We represent growth, change and appreciation for years past, lessons learned and stories to share.

So, what makes this new company so special? Why will this business will be different? Of course, I’ll explain.

There once was a man who put words to a poem, “Good Timber” that are a perfect representation of who we want to be – the type of life we chose to live – and the strength that comes from such living. Allow me to share:

Good Timber

by Douglas Malloch

The tree that never had to fight

For sun and sky and air and light,

But stood out in the open plain

And always got its share of rain,

Never became a forest king

But lived and died a scrubby thing.

The man who never had to toil

To gain and farm his patch of soil,

Who never had to win his share

Of sun and sky and light and air,

Never became a manly man

But lived and died as he began.

Good timber does not grow with ease:

The stronger wind, the stronger trees;

The further sky, the greater length;

The more the storm, the more the strength.

By sun and cold, by rain and snow,

In trees and men good timbers grow.

Where thickest lies the forest growth,

We find the patriarchs of both.

And they hold counsel with the stars

Whose broken branches show the scars

Of many winds and much of strife.

This is the common law of life.

THIS is personal. We all have struggles, challenges and obstacles to overcome in this life here on earth. I do not know a single person who is exempt from such. Chris and I feel that each hardship can become an opportunity to learn and grow – to become more like who we want to be – to become stronger – to stand taller. They teach us to never quit. Never lose heart. Never lose hope. Keep trying. Keep learning. Keep growing. Keep believing.

That being said, our furnishings will be representative of 2 things: First, the physical struggles, sacrifices, growing pains and heartbreaks that no doubt accompany every small business and their owners. Yet, here we are. We are still here and will still fight for our future and dreams. Second, each one of our pieces are worn and weathered, perfectly imperfect and bold with character. No doubt, a true representation of life, challenges and growth – uncontested scars of many winds and much strife.

Furthermore, we want to not only offer furnishings that help to beautify our homes and sanctuaries in this world, but we want to help bless the lives of others. Are we not all here to help each other on our journeys through life? Absolutely, we are here to lift and strengthen each other. Chris and I will regularly have a space in the store to donate time, goods, and/or services to those in our community that need it. At times, we may dedicate proceeds from purchases towards causes that will create hope and relief for others. We want to encourage love and service for others. This is extremely significant to us because we know we would not be anywhere without the love, service and support of many generous neighbors, strangers and dear friends we’ve been blessed to cross paths with along our journey. We have been so deeply and richly served and loved and it has changed our lives. Even if we can only provide a glimpse of that feeling for others, it will be well worth it.

GoodTimber is what we want to share with you. It is who we believe we can become and who we want to encourage all to be. We hope you will come visit us!

GoodTimber Furnishings

300 S. 6th Street

Waco, TX 76701

Corner of 6th and Mary – across the street from the Magnolia Market Silos

One or two curious facts about us and our business:

We are a true “mom and pop / husband and wife” kind of business. It is just the two of us and we make a pretty darn good team. Not many could handle spending all day at work with your spouse, handling the in’s, out’s, up’s and down’s of small business and still love coming home together at night, but we certainly do! Having the opportunity to work together every day is a pure gift and blessing, and definitely one we don’t take for granted. Chris was born with a God-given gift for working with his hands and it is wonderful to see him pursue his passion.

We really do make everything right here in Texas. This business is what it is because of Chris’ craftsmanship and unique approach to woodworking. He builds it and Kisha (me) does all the finishing and books. Everything has evolved from working from home out of the garage and the kitchen table as a desk. You do what you have to do to make things happen! But year after year, we grow and look forward to one day being able to really separate home and business time.